Liverpool Music School Courses

Beginners Course (3 – 4 y.o.) Group Young children have an instant love of music and we take this opportunity  to explore music with your child.  The beginner’s course is enjoyed by the parent and child together.  At this age a child is developing  language as this is the perfect  time to begin learning all about… [Continue Reading]


Piano Keys Instruments

Piano The piano is a beautiful instrument that can sooth the soul. It is extremely popular and can emulate many emotions and help you express your feelings. The piano can produce a variety of sounds from soft to loud and speeds to help you create various effects. It is easy to understand notes on the… [Continue Reading]

Piano Lessons

String Instruments

Violin This beautiful instrument emerged around 400 years ago from other bowed stringed instruments, such as the Arabian rebab, the medieval fiddle and the rebec. Violins have a bright tone, and may be used as a solo and groups instruments so have an important place in symphony orchestra.The Violin has four strings and a soundbox… [Continue Reading]


Wind & Drums Instruments

Flute Flute is made in four sizes: piccolo, standard flute, alto and bass. The standard flute is a prominent orchestra instrument often given solos in orchestra pieces. Flute is high pitch instrument. It can produce many different sounds, also used in jazz and pop music.     Clarinet A reed woodwind instrument, produces a full,… [Continue Reading]


Singing & Theory

Liverpool Music & Art School offers quality one-on-one singing lessons with qualified and enthusiastic teachers.  With our structured singing lessons you will learn breathing and performing techniques, how to stand, creative work (such as song writing) and vocal exercises.   So take that step and call us today, we guarantee you will have fun. Benefits of… [Continue Reading]


Adult Lessons

It may take about a year before you can call your friends over for an in-house concert but you will be proud to do it.  Just remember, you need to start with little steps and progress slowly.  Don’t expect to be playing a masterpiece after a few weeks of lessons.  It takes time and perseverance… [Continue Reading]